India’s first multiple intelligence pre school emphasizes on the importance of experiential learning through exploring, promoting and developing the Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Logical, Musical, Visual, Naturalistic & Kinesthetic Intelligences.

We Nurture, They Evolve

Hands on learning experience at Golden Bells helps children connect their learning to real life and encourages them to express themselves in an innovative manner. Learning through different day to day experiences while using five senses allows children to explore, investigate and make sense of the world around them.

The child’s development in each domain is supported, sustained, extended and enhanced through support play, creative and conceptual activities, story narration, pretend play, audio & visual activities and many more.

Our Hallmarks


Small Group Environment

The teacher student ratio is 1:8 in each group


Sessions Delivered by EYP Facilitators

The sessions are delivered by trained and experienced Early Years Programme
(EYP) facilitators.


Learning Kit

Learning Kit inclusive of printable sheets, stationery & school bag


Monthly Stage Presentations

To boost confidence and enhance Interpersonal skills among children, regular
stage presentations are organized.



Celebration of National, International & Religious Festivals / Annual events


Educational Visits/ Picnics

To promote experiential learning; educational visits and picnics are organized


Parents Involvement

Orientation, Counselling & Parenting Sessions for Parents


Parent Teacher Conference

For the better growth and development of children; a strong link is created
between parents and teachers.


(18-24 months)

The group caters to the “Sensory Integration Programme” in which the learners receive the information through their senses, organize the information and use it to participate in every day activities.

(24-36 months)

The group caters to the “Story Integration Programme” in which the learners understand the environmental, literacy and numeracy concepts  (as per the guidelines of the NEP) through different stories integrated with multiple intelligences.

Mom & Me
(12-24 months)

The programme is an initiative to strengthen the special bond that exists between children and their mothers. It prepares children for life ahead in a play based, comfortable and safe environment.

Dad & Me
(12-24 months)

The programme is designed to support fathers to be actively engaged in their childrens’ lives and improve the father – child relationship. It will provide fathers with tools to help face any challenges that can arise when raising a child.

Post School

The programme turns the aimless hours post school into productive learning time through the learners engagement in different social, physical, mental and creative activities.

I am not just a
Pre School Teacher

Also, what I do is not a job. To me it’s a special calling that I knew I had from a very young age. This professions requires total dedication, devotion and a loving commitment. My educational philosophy is to create a learning environment that is fun and exciting. My goal is to go far beyond teaching. I want to inspire my children to want to learn more about themselves and the world around them. My role during this formative time of a child’s brain development is essential. Early learning experiences are crucial factors for emotional, intellectual, cognitive, social and physical development, ultimately affecting how well a child will perform in an elementary school. There is nothing more inspiring than to see the face of a child who has mastered a new skill or conquered a challenge. Sure some days are exhausting. However, when you greet those little smiling faces the next morning, you are empowered beyond words. I’ve been moved to tears by beautiful letters from parents and children who are now in formal school.
Let me repeat. I don’t have a job
I have a gift each day
I thank God that I can make a positive difference in the lives of children.

I’m proud to say,
“I am a Pre School teacher!”

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